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E-Waste Recycling Companies in India

Welcome to Zolopik.com

We are the fastest growing company in the online Recycling space. Born out of the need to simplify the search to Recycle, find the Government Authorized Recycling Companies, Dismantlers, Scrap Dealers and online recycling startups all at one place, we created a unique Recycle search platform that filled the gaps left by others in the market. Led by passionate problem-solvers and Technology Experts, we are poised to become the most trusted place to find Recyclers and Scrap Dealers.

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Our Vision

Delivering trustworthy experience and build better recycling system.

Our Mission

To be the first choice for our consumers, Recyclers and scrap dealers we also stand along in their journey of discovering, booking, payment for scrap materials. We do this with data, design, technology, and above all the passion of our team, while delivering value to our shareholders.

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