Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling & Waste Management Services include a reliable PAN India collection service to a variety of organizations including: IT companies, Industries, Educational Intuitions, Banks, showrooms, retailers, wholesalers, distribution centers, manufacturers and local authorities. We operate on a flexible basis allowing you to outsource as much or as little of your waste activities as you wish.

Collection | Pickup of Old Electronics

Old outdated or defective electronics are collected at e waste collection centers, extended producer responsibility programs, take back electronics programmers, placing pickup request online etc. To help ensure that used electronics are managed responsibly.


Refurbished electronics are electronics that have been repaired for resale. Reuse of used electronics extends product lifespan and contributes to the source reduction of raw materials and saves natural resources.


Electronics Recycling includes segregation, sorting, dismantling, mechanical separation and recovery of valuable precious materials. Recycling of old electronics can yield materials (e.g., aluminum, iron, plastic, steel, brass, gold) after the processing these raw materials can be returned to the manufacturers to be used again, reducing raw materials used and the overall need for disposal.


Zolopik will be able to furnish all the required documents such as pollution control board certificate, form 6, form 10, passbook entry etc etc for the purchase of electronic waste and battery scrap.

Processing and Recovery

After the processing the electrical and electronic scrap it includes various materials such as iron, plastic, gold, steel, platinum, copper and critical elements are found in electronics. They play crucial roles in products affecting our day to day lives. These electronic wastes are purchased from companies and industries then transported and processed. By recycling we can save our natural resources, conserve energy and reduce pollution.

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