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Extended Producer Responsibility

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Extended Producer Responsibility 

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) with consumers & stakeholders having an increased focus on environment and sustainability, most of the organizations are looking at ways they can decrease / minimize their impact on the environment.

Extended producer responsibility can help the organizations to demonstrate a deeper commitment to decrease its environment impact.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility ?

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is the concept of business owners and manufacturing companies taking environmental responsibility for their electrical and electronic products when they become waste or scrap. this can involve activities such as.

  • Creating take back / buyback programmes
  • arranging scrap collections, recycling, or any other suitable disposal
  • designing products for recyclability and reuse

The main impact of extended producer responsibility involves encouraging and engaging the consumers or public to take responsible action with regards to your products.

Who Introduced EPR Concept?

Extended Producer Responsibility concept was initially introduced in the EU Countries at the time of WEEE Directive implementation in 2006.Under the concept, producers / importers are responsible to take back their products from the consumer either at the end of life of the respective products or as and when the user wants to discard for disposal.

To Whom EPR is Applicable?

EPR is applicable to all the EEE manufacturer, producer, importer, refurbishes, dismantler and recycler.  The producer is required to have extended producer responsibility Plan that requires estimating the quantity of electrical & electronic waste generated from their end-of-life electronics, outlining a scheme for collection and transporting of their end-of-life electronics or products with same EEE code to authorised E-waste dismantlers/recyclers, estimated budget for implementing EPR, outline the scheme of creating awareness, declaration on ROHS compliance and submission of documents in this regard.

How EPR Targets are Set?

EPR Targets for producers that  the e-Waste already collected by producers as per Schedule III(A) in earlier years will be accounted for and the eligible set offs shall be provided for the corresponding years and the targets shall be applicable from the 1st Oct 2017 as per Schedule III.

As per E-waste (Management) Amended Rules, 2018, the producer has to fulfill its Extended Producer Responsibility for achieving targets and details out the mechanism for collection and channelization of e-Waste generated by producer.

What are the benefits of extended producer responsibility (EPR)?

The benefits that companies to be gained from EPR include.

  • generation of positve public relation opportunities.
  • additional benefit can be gained while bidding for new contracts or tenders
  • competitive advantage over other industries.
  • can create employment opportunities in local communicates
  • increased customer loyality

How Zolopik can help you in EPR?

Zolopik.com is an impeccable technological solutions provider offers exclusive consultancy services including EPR Authorization. Our service comes with promise of efficient guidance, document preparation, timely advice, right approach and expected results.  Getting job done is not only our priority as we also focus to bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and governance compliance. we are operating PAN india with 200+ government authorized e waste recycler across all the cities. our experts can design and guide you to enable EPR projects to happen by taking care of all compliance with respect to state and central pollution control board.

Our unique services on EPR Authorization includes,

  • Information provision as required
  • EPR Plan preparation
  • Awareness programme designing and document preparation
  • Compliance preparation for RoHS provisions
  • In feed the exact information on EPR Application
  • Estimate e-Waste generation based on your license capacity for forth coming years
  • Estimate the collection targets based on E-Waste Management Rules, 2018
  • Appeal for success, if necessary
  • Guidance for necessary documents required to apply EPR
  • Submition of necessary documents to central pollution control board.
  • Entering into MOU with government authorized e-waste recycler / dismantler

What are the Documents Required for (EPR) Authorization?

  1. IEC, GST, Pan Card & Aadar Card Copy of Importer.
  2. Certificate of incorporation of PVT LTD / LTD.
  3. List of products with Model No. and Quantity. ( Approx)
  4. If Previous sale already then required
    1. Date of first sales (day/month/year) & Qty
    2. Products details with model number
    3. Country of origin.
  5. Required Toll free number
  6. Required website
  7. Letter head :30 nos.

What information is required to prepare EPR Application?

  • Name & Full Address along with telephone number, email id and other contact details of producer (importer)
  • Authorized person details i.e. Name, Full Address, Phone number / Mobile Number, E-mail Id & Fax number.
  • Details of all Outlet, Service Center, Office & Collection Points in India.
  • Last 10 year sale details of Products (Qty & Weight – Year wise)

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