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    Broken TV Buyers in Bangalore

    Broken Tv BuyersNow Selling your Broken LED and LCD is Easy to follow 3 Simple Steps:

    Step 1: Book For Pickup of Your Broken LED/LCD TV with Zolopik.

    Step 2: Zoopik Team will Contact you and Update the price and Pickup Date.

    Step 3: Pickup Team will Pickup the Broken LED/LCD TV and Make Cash Payment or Account Transfer.

    Now Sell your broken LED / LCD Tv at the best price online in Bengaluru, If your Tv display is broken while shifting your house your kid broke the screen Zolopik will buy such TVs for recycling and extraction as the display replacement cost is very high.

    The technology used in modern LED and LCD television is very delicate and with small issues, the repair costs are high, instead of repair many customers contact us to pick up for recycling or extraction. Zolopik TV Buyers will pay you one of the best prices for broken led and LCD TV in Bangalore, we also provide doorstep pickup service.

    Some of the common issues which cost very high and we buy such TVs are TV screen issue, dead pixels, ghosting, burn-in, vertical lines, horizontal lines, dark picture, incorrect colors, fuzzy picture, TV turning itself off, distorted sound, LED TV, LCD TV, OLED TV, and QLED TV disposal services in Bangalore. We are specialized in buying broken TVs at the best price in Bangalore.

    We provide LED and LCD TV Disposal Services such as:

    LCD TV Disposal Services

    1. Screen Damage TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    2. Vertical Lines TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    3. Horizontal Lines TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    4. Colour issue TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    5. Snowy Picture TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    6. Fuzzy Picture TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    7. Black Screen TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    8. Blue Screen TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    9. Green Screen TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    10. Squares/Tiling TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    11. Frozen TV Screen Disposal in Bangalore.
    12. Rolling and Distorted TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    13. No Sound TV Disposal in Bangalore.
    14. Loud Commercials TV Disposal in Bangalore.

    What LED and LCD TV brands can we sell on Zolopik Broken TV Buyers in Bangalore

    Now you can sell all types of TVs such as LED/Plasma, LCD, HD Ready, Full HD, Ultra HD (4K), Smart TVs, OLED, etc, and the Brand such as MI, BPL, LG, VU, Panasonic, Samsung, Micromax, Sanyo, TCL, etc. & Tv size can be 32 inches, 33-43 inches, 44-50 inches, and above 50 inches.

    How is the Payment Made for the Broken TV Disposal?

    The amount will be paid in cash or account transfer.

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