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    E-Waste Disposal in Bangalore

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    E-Waste Disposal Services in Bangalore

    E-Waste Disposal in BangaloreNow Dispose of your Electrical and electronic waste at the best price to zolopik e-waste recycling in Bangalore, Zolopik will buy all types of electrical and electronic waste such as computers, laptops, desktops, printers, wires, scanners, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, mixer, music systems, led LCD tv, CRT monitors, etc at the best price from companies and individual households, We also provide doorstep pickup service.

    Recycle your unwanted electronics with zolopik an environmentally friendly process-oriented company that helps you to dispose of your e-waste hassle-free. So E-Waste can be defined as any unwanted electronic or electric equipment—usually, it contains lead, mercury, and other materials that are known to have hazardous environmental effects.

    Electronic waste contains a laundry list of hazardous that are harmful to people and the environment, like mercury, lead, beryllium, brominated flame retardants, and cadmium, i.e. stuff that sounds as bad as it is. Zolopik company ensures that this waste is handled effectively and harm to living beings and the environment is minimized.

    Compliance for companies

    For Company E-waste disposal zolopik E-waste management will provide 100% compliance documents such as Form 6, passbook entry, destruction certificate, data degaussing certificate, pollution control board authorization certificate, the green certificate, etc.

    Dispose of E-waste Safely and Efficiently with Zolopik Recycling

    Electronic Waste CollectionIn today’s world, E-Waste is a growing concern that is affecting all aspects of the global business community. Often consumers and even businesses dispose of a wide range of electronics including computers and cell phones, if Electronics are not disposed of in the organized sector they will in ending up in landfills.

    When E-Waste is improperly disposed of in local landfills, it results in toxins spreading into the water and land affecting a wide variety of health hazards. The majority of businesses and companies want to take initiatives so that their sensitive information or confidential data does not fall into wrong hands, and at the same time, they are protecting the environment.

    Why E-Waste Disposal?

    E-Waste disposal is an ideal way to handle devices that reach their end of life. This process is highly useful in making the E-Waste recycling, and disposing of electrical and electronic equipment absolutely hassle-free with Zolopik ensures that the E-waste is recycled in the most environmentally friendly way.

    Zolopik offers 100% compliance for the electronics disposed of IT companies, by issuing form 6, passbook entry, providing destruction certificate, data sanitization certificate, the green certificate, etc. The professional team employed by Zolopik ensures that the e-Waste is properly managed in 100% compliance with industry standards. We destroy hard drives and other items prior to recycling so that confidential information is not restored by any means.

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