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    E-Waste Management Company in Bangalore

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    What is an E-Waste Management company?

    E-Waste Management CompanyWhenever an electrical or electronic device covers up its working life, becomes non-usable due to technological advancements, or becomes non-functioning, it is not used anymore and comes under the category of electronic waste or e-waste. As technology is advancing day by day, more and more electronic devices are becoming non-functional and turning into e-waste. Managing such non-functional electrical and electronics devices is termed e-waste management.

    E-waste management is the proper way of handling those electronic items which are no longer in use by us. These items have to dispose of responsibly and properly as they can affect our environment adversely. Zolopik E-Waste Recycling is an E-Waste Management Company in Bangalore and handles a variety of corporate clients in Bangalore and across the states. Zolopik will provide 100% Compliance for the E-Waste disposal by the corporates or any company such as:

    • Pollution Control Board Authorization Certificate
    • Form 6
    • Passbook Entry
    • Data degaussing certificate
    • Green Certificate
    • Certificate of Asset Destruction
    • NDA For E-Waste Disposal

    Zolopik company offers a variety of other online services to help and solve the problem of electronic waste and recycling. We view ourselves as a top professional E-Waste management company in Bangalore and a top google customer-rated company in Bangalore.

    What E-Waste includes in E-Waste Management

    Sell E-Waste OnlineE-Waste includes all types of electrical and electronic such as IT Related items (Servers, Desktop computers, CPUs, laptops, monitors, Printers, Scanner, Telephone, Keyboard, Mouse, Projector, Network Equipment, Projector, Photocopiers, Tabs, and Hard disks. Domestic Appliances (Fridges, washing machines, ACs, TVs, Radios, music system Speakers, Fans, Microwaves, UPS Systems, Cell-Phones, Routers, Display Damage LED/LCD TV, Display Issue TV, Set-top Box, Remote Controls, Pump, Motors, Electrical Panels, Camera, Freezer, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Mobile Phones, Non-IT material (Chiller Plant, DG sets, Printed Circuit Board, Ups Battery, Power Back-up Battery, PCB Boards, inverter battery, Medical Equipments.

    When these electronic devices are disposed of improperly, the hazardous materials in them are at high risk of polluting the air, soil, and water sources. To dispose of the E-waste responsibly you can reach zolopik E-Waste Management company in Bangalore

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