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    Laptop Recycling & DisposalRecycle your E-Waste in Bangalore in 3 Easy Steps:

    Step 1: Book for E-Waste by submitting your details.

    Step 2: Zolopik team will update you on the price and pick-up date confirmation.

    Step 3: The pickup team will clear the materials and make cash or online payment.

    What Can I Sell With E-Waste Recyclers in Bangalore?

    Zolopik E-Waste Recycler has been helping households and companies recycle old electronics in Bangalore since 2014 and has grown tremendously over the past years. We are located in the heart of Bangalore Jp Nagar. If you’re looking to recycle your old electronics in Bangalore please contact us immediately, and also get paid for your old electronics and no pickup charges.

    Using Zolopik E-Waste Recycler as your professional electronics recycling partner protects the environment and keeps toxic materials out of the landfills, and helps collect precious metals to be reused for new products.

    What happens to E-Waste after Recycling?

    E-Waste after RecyclingE-Waste recyclers help to recover valuable and precious materials from electronic materials that are either recent or now not used. E-waste is growing drastically, and there comes the necessity for effective recycling. Old Electronic devices, conjointly called e-waste and electronic-scrap, includes things such as desktop pc instrumentation, old music system, televisions, mobile phones, etc.

    Recent e-scrap devices contain poisonous substances like lead, mercury, metal, and other hazardous substances. Each day a replacement technology is planned by manufacturers, theorized, developed, and improved upon, Whereas discarding the old electronics and awareness still needs improvement. However, one can look for an expert for professional electronic recycling services with Zolopik E-Waste Recycling.

    What E-Waste Can I Recycle with Zolopik E-Waste Recyclers?

    You can sell E-Waste online, Related items (Servers, Desktop, CPUs, Laptop, Monitor, Printer, Scanners, Telephone, Keyboards, Mouses, Projector, Network Equipment, Projector, Photocopiers, Laptop, Tabs, Hard disks). Domestic Appliances (Fridge, washing machines, AC, TV’s, Radio, Speaker, Fans, Microwave, UPS System, Cell- Phones, Router, Display Damage LED/LCD TV, Display Issue Tv).

    Set-top Boxes, Remote controls, Pumps, Motors, Electrical panels, Cameras, Freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and Mobile Phones.Non-IT materials (Chiller Plant, DG set, Printed Circuit Board, Ups Battery, Power Back-up Battery, PCB Boards, inverter battery, Medical Equipments.

    What Are the General Procedures Followed By the Companies During E-Waste Disposal

    • The Company Prepares the Inventory list or E-Waste list Designated for disposal to Government Authorized E-Waste Recycling Company.
    • The E-Waste Recycling Company Inspects the Materials and Submits the quotation.
    • Out of 3 or Multiple Quotes, the company decides to dispose of the Electronic waste to Highest Bidder.
    • The Authorized E-Waste Recyclers will Perform the activities such as Data Degaussing, Data sanitization, shredding, etc (Onsite) if required.
    • GST Invoice (For E-Waste 5%) Generation by the company and issued to E-Waste Recyclers.
    • E-Waste Recyclers will make payment against the invoice copy received.
    • Loading of materials (photo capture during loading) and GPS tracking as per the pollution control board will be followed by the Recycler.
    • E-Waste Recyclers will issue Form 6 (Transport Manifest) and a Passbook entry will be done and issued to the company.
    • Material Moment to the Recycling facility (Capturing the images during unloading at the recycling facility)
    • Segregation, Dismantling, and Recycling of commodities.
    • Issuance of Green Certificate, Asset Destruction Certificate, Data Degaussing Certificate, and Data sanitization certificate in 15 to 45 days as per the recycling industry standards.

    Hard-disk Data Wiping Service in Bangalore:

    Data Wiping Service in BangaloreSpecific data wiping machines (CRZ Drive Erazer Ultra, Wiebetech USA) are used to multi-pass overwrite protocols that re-write all the levels of memory such that all stored data is irretrievably lost. As a standard E-Waste Recycling Company uses the NIST Purge/Sanitize or US DoD 5220 overwrites. Such sanitization is globally accepted and the data cannot be retrieved even under laboratory conditions.

    Hard-Disk Data Degaussing Service in Bangalore

    Data is destroyed by exposing the HDDs to a very high magnetic flux (NIST recommends >10,000 Oe for most typical HDD media. This permanently realigns the magnetic structure of the HDD platters rendering the HDD unreadable. This also meets all global standards for permanent data sanitization. The E-waste Recycling company owns and operates a ~ 12,000 Oe magnetic degausser with software control, tracking, and report generation. The recycling company also issues a certificate after Data Degaussing at a customer site.

    An alternating current (AC) bulk eraser (degausser) is used for the complete erasure of data and other signals on magnetic media. Degaussing is a process where magnetic media is exposed to a powerful, alternating magnetic field. Degaussing removes previously written data, leaving the media in a magnetically randomized (blank) state. Field data of the erasure process including timestamps, voltage, and field strength are recorded for certification and audit purposes, and a copy is issued to the client.

    We use a 12,000 Oe magnetic flux capable degausser to destroy the data on the tapes which have typical coercivity values of 300-2700 Oe. This is typically 6X times the magnetic coercivity of the tape media used normally.

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