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    Now Sell Your Non-Working LEd and LCD Tv in 3 Easy Steps

    Step 1: Submit your Request to Zolopik Website.

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    Step 3: Pickup Team will Clear the TV and Make Cash Payment or Account Transfer.

    Are you Looking out to sell your non-working LED or LCD tv in Bangalore, You're at the right platform Zolopik is one that specialized in buying board issue or display issue tv in Bangalore. Zolopik will pay you one of the best prices for non-working LED and LCD tv in Bangalore. We Buy all non-working LED and LCD tv in Bangalore some of the brands are, MI Tv, Onida TV, VU TV, Panasonic TV, Micromax TV, LG TV, Sony TV, and Samsung TV, LEE tv at the best price.

    Television is a very needed electronic in our daily lives. It not just entertains and informs us about the happenings in and around us, but it also helps unite many families at several houses as we binge on our favorite movies and TV shows together. And despite it being the age of hand-held gadgets, there are still enough people who prefer television to mobile. No doubt, it feels terrifying when your beloved TV gets a board issue or display issue.

    A board issue or screen issue is not something that happens so often. But when it happens, the repair cost is almost the same as refurbished tv or 70% of the new tv value, so most of our customers prefer disposing or selling us for recycling or extraction of working parts in it.

    Common Problems for Replacing the TV Scrap

    Replacing TV Scrap1. Vertical or Horizontal lines on the display screen
    2. Discoloration where the screen has the color issue
    3. Smart Tv’s software error
    4. You can hear the sound but no picture.

    We also provide TV Disposal services in Bangalore

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