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E-waste collectors in Hyderabad

Are you looking to Sell E-Waste and old electronics to E-Waste collectors in Hyderabad?

Yes, you are at the right platform for all your recycling needs. Old electronic appliances can often simply get forgotten about. We keep them “just in case” or they may just be stored in a cupboard and completely forgotten about, often cluttering our homes. Some are even left out on the streets or put in household waste bins and in a landfill. Many of them contain hazardous substances and materials which can cause environmental pollution for many years to come.

What Electronics Can I Sell with Zolopik E-Waste Collectors in Hyderabad?

Do you have household appliances, such as computers, small printers, fridges, and coffee machines gathering dust at home? Now that you have gathered together all those appliances that you had forgotten about, it is time to give them a second chance. But how? Give a call to Zolopik and we will take care of them.

From day one we have focused all our efforts on providing the best possible service to our entire client portfolio, with personalized and transparent service. Our team of professionals is experts in handling client queries and in responding to and meeting the needs you want.

Is your appliance no longer working? Is it absolutely impossible to repair it? Zolopik has a doorstep pickup service to haul away all your non-working and broken electronic appliances. By properly disposing of your electrical waste, you help ensure that discarded appliances don’t land on the dump, but can be reused or recycled instead. This is not only a good thing for public health but also for the environment.

What does Zolopik accept for recycling?E-Waste Recycling Companies Bangalore

Ultimately, anything which has a plug or power outlet, or which runs on batteries. Our homes, offices, villages, and towns are overflowing with unused and old electronic devices which are gathering dust in cupboards and drawers. However, these devices are made of elements that are hazardous, and recycling them is the best thing that you can do for yourselves and the environment.

Broken devices can also contain many components which can be recovered, reprocessed, and reused to create new products. Zolopik recycles all of your electronic waste safely and responsibly. Thanks to our e-waste collectors who channel the e-waste from your home to our facility, and make the recycling process hassle-free. This is the reason why it is vital that you bring your devices to Zolopik so that we can help save the environment by recycling ethically and responsibly. By partnering with Zolopik, you contribute to building a genuinely circular economy. We offer our clients the possibility of accelerating technological renewal by evaluating and buying their used electronic appliances.

Company E-Waste collectors in Hyderabad

When you or your company decides to dispose of the IT equipment, Zolopik is in charge of the integration process, helping you to comply with the current rules and regulations and minimizing costs for your company and for the environment.

At Zolopik, we carry out the logistics of electronic devices and the recycling of computer equipment tailored to your company and your needs. We are a leading company in the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment and offer to pick up service free of charge, of your discarded IT equipment. We help companies to continue their business and we take care of the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Zolopik offers data erasure of the magnetic media included in the IT equipment for recycling and in the purchase of second-hand computers from companies.

How can I deal with e-waste as a company or organization?E-Waste Scrap Recyclers

It is not always easy for companies, or organizations such as schools and hospitals, to find adequate solutions for getting rid of unused and broken appliances hanging around in the workplace. Don’t worry.  Zolopik will come to your workplace for free. You can submit a pick-up request in just a few clicks by visiting you say goodbye to an old e-appliance after long and reliable service, it still has a fascinating journey ahead of it. Zolopik collects, sorts, and recycles.

Sell E-Waste to E-Waste Collectors in Hyderabad in 4 Easy Steps.

  1.   Visit and fill in your details or give a call to 9743440440
  2.   When the team gets back to you, give us the list of items available for recycling and get a free quote for those.
  3.   Upon your approval, pickup will be arranged at your convenience
  4.   Give away your e-waste to the e-waste collectors and receive the amount.

We reach out to customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

Schedule for the pick up:

We offer a complete end-to-end service in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

Zolopik Recycling

Our Services : Zolopik provides a wide range of recycling services for all your used electronic & electrical equipment and batteries.Our Customers : From large corporations and SMEs to Households and schools we are proud to help businesses and the community to dispose of their old electronics safely, securely, ethically and in an environmentally sound manner.Our Team : We are technology focused professional organization having high skilled team involved in sales, operations, technical services, reporting and administration. We also partner with a number of social enterprises.Compliance : Zolopik maintains 100% compliance for the purchase and recycle of electronics from corporates by issuing required documents such as Authorization certificate, Form 6 for E waste disposal and form 10 for battery scrap disposal.

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