Electronic Waste Scrap Collectors and Recyclers in Bangalore

We are E-waste collectors in Bangalore. We buy old Electronics, Computers, TV, and Appliances from Your Doorstep in Bangalore

E-Waste Collectors in Bangalore

E-Waste collectors in BangaloreZolopik E-Waste collectors will buy all types of electrical and electronic scrap at your doorstep. Recycling is the safest and most responsible way to dispose of electrical items that are faulty or otherwise beyond repair.

What is the proper and safe way to dispose of E-Waste in Bangalore?

If you have old electronics that are outdated or reached the end of life, damaged and in need of being disposed of, don’t toss them into the trash. Recycle them.

How do E-Waste Collectors in Bangalore work?

Step 1: Fill Out the Online Form
Let’s get started. Submit the request at www.zolopik.com by sharing the type of e-waste that need to be disposed of, location, contact details, etc.

Step 2: We’ll get back to you with the quote and Pick Up Day
Our operational team will get back to you with the best quote for your old electronics and post your approval for the quote the price and notify you of the pickup date and time.

Step 3: We’ll Take It Away and Recycle It
Our pickup team will come with a mini truck to take away your electronic waste and ensure payment is made before the pickup.

Where can I find drop-off locations for my old Electronics in Bangalore?

Electronic Scrap in Bangalore

If You are looking for an E-Waste drop-off center in Bangalore visit www.zolopik.com to find the nearest E-Waste collection center.

  • WhatsApp the images to 8884122253 along with location details.
  • Zolopik’s team will respond with the best quote.
  • E-Waste will be picked up from your location.
  • The quoted price will be transferred to your bank account or cash will be paid.

Do I have to pay the amount to E-Waste Collectors for Getting Rid of my e-waste?

No Zolopik will pay you for recycling your old electronics.
You can also fill up the E-waste pickup request form or simply call us at 8884122253 / 8884449985, our operation executives will review your request information and get back to you with the best price for your e-waste.

Shifting your office/company to A New Commercial Office in Bangalore?

Zolopik E-waste Collectors can buy all types of electrical and electronic scrap, furniture, battery scrap, wires, partitions, ups, generators, etc at the best price with 100% compliance. Zolopik E-Waste Collectors has been providing IT Asset Disposition & Liquidation solutions to Large IT companies, educational institutions, and Industries with high compliance standards.

How does the E-Waste take back and recycling & e-waste program work in Bangalore?

E-Waste Collectors CompanyYou can avail of the pick-up Household Consumer Electronics or Home Appliances products such as TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, and Microwave Oven products) by submitting your pickup request at www.zolopik.com.

  • Zolopik Team will quote a good price for your old electronics
  • E-Waste pickup will be done at your doorstep.
  • E-Waste Disposal amount will be transferred to your bank account

Zolopik E-waste Collectors can design a customized solution that will meet all of your company’s requirements.

Recycling computers, laptops, servers, and network equipment is an environmentally-friendly process because it prevents hazardous carcinogens from being released. Most of those electronics were made using harmful materials such as mercury and lead. If these materials are not handled properly they can be harmful to human, animal, and plant life.

Whether you’re an individual Household, small or large business organization, or apartment community, RWA’s, you’re making a significant contribution to the health of our environment and our economy by taking steps to reach out to a recycling firm.

The benefit of recycling E-waste:

E-waste contains many precious, recoverable materials such as copper, gold, silver, aluminum, plastics, and ferrous metals. To save natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment from virgin resources, electronic equipment can be refurbished, reused, and recycled instead of being landfilled. E-waste also contains toxic and hazardous materials including mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, chromium, and chemical flame retardants, which have the potential to leach into our soil and water.

Not enough people are aware that E-waste can be sold, recycled, or how to reach e-waste recyclers. But that’s an easy process that either begins with a simple phone call to 8884122253 or submitting your request at www.zolopik.com.

Zolopik Recycling

Our Services : Zolopik provides a wide range of recycling services for all your used electronic & electrical equipment and batteries.Our Customers : From large corporations and SMEs to Households and schools we are proud to help businesses and the community to dispose of their old electronics safely, securely, ethically and in an environmentally sound manner.Our Team : We are technology focused professional organization having high skilled team involved in sales, operations, technical services, reporting and administration. We also partner with a number of social enterprises.Compliance : Zolopik maintains 100% compliance for the purchase and recycle of electronics from corporates by issuing required documents such as Authorization certificate, Form 6 for E waste disposal and form 10 for battery scrap disposal.

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