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How to sell used fridge in Bangalore

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How to sell used fridge in Bangalore?

Has your refrigerator reached retirement? Or, are you just upgrading some appliances and need the refrigerator removed? Zolopik can help you with all your refrigerator disposal needs! If you’re wondering how to get rid of your old electronics like fridge, washing machine etc., or if you want to make sure the e-waste is properly disposed of rely on Zolopik! We’ll provide you with a fast and easy way to get affordable electronics hauling and recycling services near you.

We haul away any and all electronics that you need to get rid of. Whether it’s household equipment like TV, fridge, washing machine, ovens or IT equipment like laptops and computers, we take it all! Our reliable refrigerator disposal services are the easiest way to get rid of an old fridge, freezer, and other unwanted appliances on your schedule.

Zolopik provides cost-effective recycling solutions for all end-of-life electronics and computer equipment. Our goal is to provide our customers with convenient and streamlined pickup services that are fast and simple. We accept a wide variety of items and recycle all the e-waste ethically and responsibly and in accordance with the state and federal guidelines.

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, then it’s time to start shopping for new, efficient appliances that’ll save you money in the long run. But what do you do with your old refrigerator? Simply book pickup of your unwanted refrigerator online, or call to recycle old/broken/non-working refrigerators.

How to get started?Sell Old E-Waste Scrap Online

  1.   Get your price

Simply visit or give a call to 9743440440 and tell us what household e-waste needs to be removed and get a guaranteed upfront price by our friendly and experienced team.

  1. Schedule a pickup

When it comes to appliance recycling, we’ve got you covered. Save yourself the headache of figuring out what goes where by hiring Zolopik to deal with your outdated and broken appliances. If you are happy with the price quoted, select a convenient pickup date and time you want the zolopik e-waste collectors to arrive based on your schedule.

  1. We haul it away

Moving a washer, dryer, or refrigerator without extra hands can be a difficult job. Refrigerators can weigh around 100 kilos and require proper techniques to be removed without causing damage to the ones lifting the appliance or to the home.  Besides the sheer size and weight of most appliances that make it nearly impossible to move them, there are other reasons it is important that appliance removal is done properly. And that’s why we have Zolopik e-waste collectors who will arrive on-time at your location and work quickly to haul away your items from inside your home with no transportation chargers. Our team is skilled at all refrigerator hauling. Whether your refrigerator is in the garage, basement, backyard or still sitting in the kitchen, our service includes all the lifting, loading and disposal.

We Remove, Pickup, and Haul:Book Pickup For Electronic Scrap

Fridge, Freezer, Washer, Dryer, Air Conditioners, Dishwasher, Ovens, Printers, Office Appliances, Television, Speakers, Radios, Stereos Amplifiers and More!

When old appliances are left as they are in a landfill they can potentially be a health hazard and an environmental risk factor.  Appliances will break down over time, and when they do, the chemicals within them are released into the environment.  When we remove your appliances we dispose of them responsibly so you won’t have to worry about harming the planet.

Do you have an old appliance that has done its job but has just kicked the bucket? Or has it simply run its course? Zolopik can provide any appliance pickup for you, no muss, no fuss! We remove any appliance, new or old, from anywhere, hauling an appliance out of your house in minutes! Fridges, freezers, washers, dryers and so much more removed with ease! We do all the work for you so removing what might seem like ‘the impossible’ becomes as easy as just watching us do it for you when you partner with Zolopik.

Don’t stress over an old refrigerator taking up space. Book Zolopik for easy haul away service and refrigerator disposal in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Get started today by filling out the pickup request form at  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at 9743440440.

Zolopik Recycling

Our Services : Zolopik provides a wide range of recycling services for all your used electronic & electrical equipment and batteries.Our Customers : From large corporations and SMEs to Households and schools we are proud to help businesses and the community to dispose of their old electronics safely, securely, ethically and in an environmentally sound manner.Our Team : We are technology focused professional organization having high skilled team involved in sales, operations, technical services, reporting and administration. We also partner with a number of social enterprises.Compliance : Zolopik maintains 100% compliance for the purchase and recycle of electronics from corporates by issuing required documents such as Authorization certificate, Form 6 for E waste disposal and form 10 for battery scrap disposal.

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