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Laptop Recycling

Laptop Scrap and Disposal Online with Zolopik, you can be sure that your laptop recycling is done in a manner that is compliant with Local, State, and National regulations. Our company is based in Bangalore with effective laptop disposal services which cover complete data destruction, proper laptop dismantling, and safe recycling of the e-waste for all companies, households, and small Industries.

Zolopik specializes in secure and 100% compliant laptop recycling and disposal.

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Zolopik provides a secure way of computer and recycling laptop which leads to a reduction in considerable damage to the environment like ground, water, and air pollution.

What happens during the recycling Laptop and Disposal Online?

Zolopik Recycling
Zolopik assesses our customer’s laptop and disposal requirements on a case-by-case basis as we can often generate revenue through the extraction of components of laptops. Revenue is generated which in turn used to offset some or all of the costs or even passed back to the client as a revenue payment.

We use our own logistics facility to collect your redundant laptops from any location in India. We don’t specify a minimum quantity, so you can organize laptop recycling through Zolopik for any number of units.

Sensitive data is securely destroyed using industry-standard software. In the event that a hard drive fails the data erase process, it is physically destroyed at our facility by dismantling. As part of the laptop recycling process, we record the serial number, customer asset number, and full specification details for every laptop collected.

Where secure data destruction is of paramount importance we also offer an onsite data deletion facility/destruction service as part of the laptop recycling process. Zolopik’s aim is to make this computer and laptop recycling process secure, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

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laptop recyclingZolopik is confident that our laptop and computer recycling services will ensure your peace of mind both legally and environmentally, whilst maximizing financial return for your business. To speak to a member of our team, contact 8884449985 today to receive a competitive quote.

Why is Recycling your laptop is important?

The amount of electronic and electrical waste produced each year in India continues to grow at an alarming rate. As many electrical components contain harmful substances such as mercury or lead, disposal via landfill or incineration poses serious environmental risks.

Zolopik is an IT vendor has highly specialized in the process of disposal of IT assets without causing harm to the environment. These IT assets include servers, switches, networking equipment, mobile devices, laptops, and more. However, Zolopik services enable businesses to reach their 100% compliance requirement.

Zolopik services are designed to sell old electronics generated in your house or company at the best price online, Now selling old electronics is easy, simple and quick with Zolopik. Zolopik will handle help you in handling obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

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Our Services : Zolopik provides a wide range of recycling services for all your used electronic & electrical equipment and batteries.Our Customers : From large corporations and SMEs to Households and schools we are proud to help businesses and the community to dispose of their old electronics safely, securely, ethically and in an environmentally sound manner.Our Team : We are technology focused professional organization having high skilled team involved in sales, operations, technical services, reporting and administration. We also partner with a number of social enterprises.Compliance : Zolopik maintains 100% compliance for the purchase and recycle of electronics from corporates by issuing required documents such as Authorization certificate, Form 6 for E waste disposal and form 10 for battery scrap disposal.

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