E-waste data destruction basically means dismantling & recycling of your old electrical and electronic items and ensuring that all the important data baring materials such as hard disk, floppy drive, pen drive, memory cards has been deleted. E-waste and data destruction is important for a number of reasons.

  • Keep business data protected
  • It safeguards the environment
  • Recycle the e-waste according to the pollution control board
  • Ensures secure data destruction as per industry standards to protect your company privacy

You can reach out to www.zolopik.com for safe data destruction and recycling of your old electronics.

Zolopik Recycling

Our Services : Zolopik provides a wide range of recycling services for all your used electronic & electrical equipment and batteries.Our Customers : From large corporations and SMEs to Households and schools we are proud to help businesses and the community to dispose of their old electronics safely, securely, ethically and in an environmentally sound manner.Our Team : We are technology focused professional organization having high skilled team involved in sales, operations, technical services, reporting and administration. We also partner with a number of social enterprises.Compliance : Zolopik maintains 100% compliance for the purchase and recycle of electronics from corporates by issuing required documents such as Authorization certificate, Form 6 for E waste disposal and form 10 for battery scrap disposal.

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