FAQs for Electronic Waste Scrap Buyers Near you

What Qualifies As E-Waste?

Below is a common but incomplete list of electrical / electronic items that can be qualified as E-Waste at the end of life:

  1. IT Related Items (Servers, Telecommunication equipment, Desktop CPUs, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Fax machines, Telephones, Keyboard, Mouse and related cables)
  2. Domestic appliances (Fridges, Washing machines, ACs, TVs, Radios, Audio equipment, Fans, Microwaves, Electric Kettles, OTGs, Mixer grinders, Geysers, UPS systems (excluding batteries), Cell-phones, Landline phones, routers, Dish TV systems and set-top boxes, remote controls, pumps, motors, electrical panels
  3. Unbroken CFLs and tube-lights, LED and other light fixtures, electrical wire and cables
What is IT hardware destruction ?

IT hardware destruction and data destruction are almost similar terms. Both are the processes that are used to securely destroy the data available on laptops, hard disks, and another form of electronic media.

E waste recycling companies also issues destruction certificate With this evidence one get ensured that the data is completely destroyed and cannot be accessed for any unauthorized process.

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What is E-waste Data Destruction & Why is it Important?

E-waste data destruction basically means dismantling & recycling of your old electrical and electronic items and ensuring that all the important data baring materials such as hard disk, floppy drive, pen drive, memory cards has been deleted. E-waste and data destruction is important for a number of reasons.

  • Keep business data protected
  • It safeguards the environment
  • Recycle the e-waste according to the pollution control board
  • Ensures secure data destruction as per industry standards to protect your company privacy

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What is the Importance of Corporate E-Waste Recycling?

There are a number of reasons why corporate e-waste recycling is very important.

  • It helps in reducing the waste that is harmful & toxins to the environment.
  • One of the best CSR activities, providing great business opportunities for the companies.
  • E-waste recycling ensures that toxic elements are not released into the environment.
  • E-waste recycling can also help in recovering precious and valuable material from old electronics that can be used in the future to make new products.

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Why would a company or an Individual Want to Destroy a Hard Disk?

When an individual or a company employees saves anything on the computer, it is stored within the hard drive. Destroying or dismantling a computer’s hard drive especially when the computer becomes old or obsolete is important as there is a possibility of potential risks such as data and identity theft. If the hard drive is not destroyed, anyone can access the private and confidential data stored in it. Therefore, it is necessary to fine a government authorized recycler who can help to destroy the hard drive in a complete and secure manner so that the data stored in it is never retrieved. Many companies specialize in hard drive destruction and degaussing.

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How Can We Safely Dispose E waste ?

You can get in touch with a professional e-waste recycling company to ensure the Safely Dispose E waste in a proper manner so that no toxic elements can deteriorate the environment or human health. The health effects of heavy metals existing in the electronic waste can be devastating and we should take initiatives to prevent e-waste from ending up in the landfills and incinerators. contacting e waste recycling company is the right way to get rid of electronics.

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Why is E-waste management important?

E-waste management is important to keep electrical and electronic waste out of landfills. Damaged computers, laptops, mobile devices, televisions, and even household appliances are considered to be E-waste. When improperly disposed of, the toxic elements in e-waste can pollute the environment. That is why e waste recycling can significantly reduce the increasing risks of greenhouse gas emissions.

Where is the E-Waste Collection Center in Bangalore?

E-Waste Collection Center in Bangalore is now at JP-Nagar, No 23 rd A, Marenahalli Main Rd, 2nd Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 540040. The E-waste collection center is open from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 5 pm. If you are looking for direction click the below link. https://g.page/EwasteRecyclingBengaluru/?share

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