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Hard Drive Degaussing Service in Bangalore

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    Hard Drive Degaussing Service

    Hard Disk Degaussing is the most cost-efficient method of destroying 100% of data on hard disk drives (HDD). Hard drives have platters or disks which is “written” on magnetically. To erase these magnetic impressions on the platters, an even stronger magnetic field must be applied to the hard drive. Zolopik provides a service for degaussing hard drives that are trusted by IT companies, financial intuitions, Hospitals, and commercial and educational organizations. Zolopik provides quick and convenient data degaussing service onsite (at your facility).

    What is Hard Disk Degaussing?

    Hard Disk Degaussing – a form of demagnetizing – involves magnetic media, such as a computer or laptop hard disk drive, or film media,  being subjected to an extremely powerful magnet to erase the data stored in the hard drive.

    How Does it work?

    After proposal acceptance, Zolopik will schedule to bring our degaussing equipment via our secure vehicle to your facility for witnessed on-site degaussing. Then a count of media and/or serial number capture of media is conducted. Hard drives are then stored in a tray and inserted into the degaussing machine, ensuring 100% of data has been destroyed. Degaussed hard drives are packed in our secure truck and transported to the recycling facility for further recycling. You may also choose our secure recycling facility for degaussing.

    Can a Degaussed Hard Drive be Reused?

    No, Once degaussed the hard drives cannot be reused. This is because the degaussing process not only removes all the hard drive data, but it also removes the start-up files. As such, a degaussed hard drive will not boot up.

    What is an On-Site Degaussing Service?

    On-site degaussing service allows our customers to watch the entire degaussing process at customer location / Company / Industry post which the data check will be done by the IT team.

    Does the Degaussing Machine Generate the Report?

    Yes, the complete report will be shared with the client such as Hard disk serial number, Degaussed time, Hard disk capacity, the degaussing company name, etc.

    How Does free Degaussing Work?

    On the confirmation of the E-waste disposal order from the corporate companies, financial institutions, or any other companies we assure the 100 % Free data degaussing service. Contact us to know about our free data degaussing service: Click Here

    To know more about KSPCB compliance: Click Here

    Destruction Services

    • 100% destruction and no chance of recovery of data
    • Certificate of Data Destruction
    • Compliance with audit-ready documents
    • On the spot video recording safeguards completely