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    Where to Sell Inverter and UPS Battery Scrap

    Car Battery Recycling

    Dispose of Your Inverter Battery or UPS Battery in 3 easy steps:

    1. Submit your pick-up request by visiting
    2. You will receive a phone call from our team who gives information about the price and pickup date.
    3. The pickup team will pick up the UPS battery or Inverter Battery from your place and pay you the cash or account transfer during the pickup.

    Scrap Battery Price Per Kg Today?

    To Know Today's Battery Scrap Price Call 9743440440 or Submit your request.

    • Lead Acid Battery Scrap Price per kg today is Between 75 to 85 Rs Per Kg.
    • UPS Battery Scrap price per kg Today is Between 75 to 85 Rs per KG.

    Sell Battery Scrap: Zolopik Recycling has been buying all types of batteries from households, companies, industries & education intuitions throughout India. We can help remove and transport your various battery types to recycle and dispose of them properly. We offer cash and quick payments upon delivery and pick up. We offer to pick-up service for lead-acid batteries, forklift batteries, and SMF batteries for recycling and disposal.

    Why is it a good idea to recycle old Batteries?

    The battery is the most traded hazardous waste on this planet. The battery contains hazardous contents like Led etc. these materials are hazardous to the environment. Disposing it to local scrap shops may lead to damage to the environment as they may not take care as professional companies take.

    They should be recycled to protect the environment and Recycling old batteries will free up landfill space, protect the environment and conserve natural resources. You can recycle batteries by booking your pickup request with the Zolopik website.

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    If you are looking for current prices for scrap batteries, Zolopik recycling can provide you with the information you are looking for. Feel free to contact 9743440440 or submit your request Click Here.

    Here are some places that lead batteries will come out of:

    Battery Recycling Sell Battery

    • Cars, Trucks, Vans, and other (non-hybrid) vehicles.
    • Motorcycles and scooters.
    • Data Centres for backing up the servers.
    • Cell Phone Towers
    • UPS Backups for your computer

    Sell UPS Battery Scrap Online to Recycle and Dispose of Near Me

    Zolopik E-Waste Management company is the best company online to handle your old battery who pays one of the best price in your city and also provides door step pickup services.

    Documents / Compliance

    Once after the disposal, we will issue form 10 for the battery disposal for the corporate companies.

    Battery Brands you can sell

    Exide, Quanta, Luminous, Rocket, Amaron, mico, Su-kum, etc.

    For More Details, you can call at 9743440440, or for more details about compliance visit Click Here